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The Company

In 2008 Andrea and Pascal Lexut founded the company Good Feeling Products with a prime objective: to market an effective product – the GFP Complex – and to improve the life of many people.

Yes, we achieved this! Today Good Feeling Products sells its products in 36 countries all over the world and can proudly report thousands of satisfied and happy customers.

Good Feeling Products is our name and is also our program!

Andrea & Pascal Lexut

Founders and Chief Executive Officers, Good Feeling Products

How it all began

At the heart of our company is the product with which everything began: the nutritional supplement Good Feeling Power®.


Today Good Feeling Products has also developed and now produces and markets two cosmetic lines containing the precious GFP Complex.

Our philosophy



We manufacture effective products with the finest ingredients under the highest safety standards for the total satisfaction of our customers.



We place great value on personal advice and top service. For this reason we do not market our products anonymously in retail outlets but only via direct sales. You always have the advice of consultants specialized in our GFP products.



We really want you to understand our products. We aim for the highest possible transparency in showing you our products and what you can do. Makes your decision so much easier!

Our team

We here, all love our work and we are delighted to  show this by presenting our GFP products, in order that others are able to live healthier, enjoy life more happily.


Dr. Liudmila Kalitukha


1 + 9 =

At GFP the customer knows us in person and knows that we are fast, efficient and good.


Stefan Olschinski


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Every day we receive positive feedback from GFP customers and this is really a super motivation for me.


Harald Bönigk

Purchase, Logistic

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Every day I am touched by the stories told by our customers and the tales of their experiences with our products.


Christoph Schoenen

Customer Support, Purchase

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