The Good Feeling Power® is a product of the Cologne List

Unique nutritional supplement belongs on the Cologne List

The Good Feeling Power® (obtained from the tinder sponge Fomes fomentarius) was tested by the Cologne list for doping relevant substances (anabolic steroids and stimulants) and is now a product of the Cologne list. In Good Feeling Power®, which has a specially prepared, natural composition of 1.3/1.6-ß-D-glucan, chitin and melanin (GFP complex) from the fungus Fomes fomentarius, no anabolic steroids or stimulants could be detected in the analysis.

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Effective, strong and safe! The Cologne List

It tests food supplements and nutrition products for doping-relevant substances. In so far as the laboratory analysis is negative, the product will be added to the list.

This list has been made available to athletes, coaches and sports physicians to provide information on

products with regard to doping risks. Negatively tested products are added to the product database. It should be noted that “neither the publication on the Cologne List nor a negative laboratory analysis of individual batches mean that a product is basically free of prohormones or anabolic steroids or stimulants. It simply means that the risk of doping from this product is minimized.” More information can be found on the official website.

Fairness in sport is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially due to the increasing frequency of doping scandals. Therefore, such institutions and associations are important in order to provide the athletes with basic security in the selection of products.

GFP is proud to be on the Cologne List

At Good Feeling Products, the highest quality is a demand that our customers place on us. And this is fine! We are therefore extremely proud to have the symbol of the Cologne List on our Good Feeling Power® nutritional supplement.

Our products are popular companions during sports and therefore we are all the more pleased about being on the list.

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Good Feeling Products ist auf der Kölner Liste