FAQ Beauty Delivery Service

Here is everything you need to know about the Beauty Delivery Service.


Cosmetics and nutrition supplements are products of everyday life and are regularly renewed. The Beauty Delivery Service provides the possibility to automate your order / delivery to ensure an ongoing supply of products. In doing so, you can also save a lot of money! And even more: when you recommend the Beauty Delivery Service you can receive Good Feeling Power® free of charge.

The Beauty Delivery Service runs for 3 months respectively. The service is automatically renewed for a further 3 months, if not cancelled 14 days before expiry.

Respectively 14 days in advance of the last agreed delivery date prior to the end of the delivery cycle.

No, this service is a service provided for you by Good Feeling Products. At the request of many customers, you no long need to think about your orders and in addition you have the chance to receive Good Feeling Power® free of charge. Distributors also receive the specific volume value of the various product packages under the Beauty Delivery Service as usual. With the Beauty Delivery Service, preferential customers now also have the fantastic possibility of a bonus based on own orders and recommendations: The MyPoint System means that you can receive Good Feeling Power® gratis.
Gratis products do not contribute to volume.


It is always possible to upgrade 7 days prior to the next delivery date. Downgrade is possible always 14 days before the end of the running period.

After an upgrade the duration of 3 months begins again.

Yes, each product package with all the associated benefits can be used in a first order. Moreover, further products can also be added with no extra shipping costs.

Yes, you can supplement your Beauty Delivery Service with additional products up to 7 working days prior to the agreed date of delivery. The consignment remains free of shipping costs. The additional products will only be added for that month´s consigment.

Yes, if you need more. For example if you need 5 packs of Good Feeling Power® in the month, then you can, for example, combine a “Daily Power Box” with a “Daily Power Box +” and thus receive 5 packs of Good Feeling Power® and 35 MyPoints per month. All boxes can be combined as required in all quantities.

  • Telephone
    • Germany: +49 (0) 2131 512 9900
    • Spain:       +34 971 064 49 31
  • WhatsApp:          +49 (0) 2131 512 9900
  • Per e-mail: [email protected]
  • Online (for advantage customers and distributors only)
  • Fax
    • Germany:     +49 (0) 21 31 – 51 29 90 – 299
    • Spain:            +34 971 – 06 49 41
  • With the first order: How to become a customer, find out here.

Then you have products to demonstrate and / or sell and in this way you finance your own products. Moreover, GFP products are always a super gift idea. You can cancel the Beauty Delivery Service at 3 monthly intervals.

No, your right of revocation remains in force.

For the Beauty Delivery Service the usual GFP methods of payment are open to you:

  • Credit card: Visa and Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer in advance: For the Beauty Delivery Service a standing order is useful.
  • Cash payment: for collection in person

All necessary information will be sent to you by GFP in your confirmation of order per e-mail.


  • Payment by credit card is always to the 1st or 15th of the month.*
  • The payment by advance bank transfer or Paypal should always be received by GFP at the latest 1st or 15th of the month.

When do the products reach the customer?

  • Products leave the dispatch center on 3rd or 18th of the month.*

*If the stated dates fall on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, products are dispatched on the next working day in Germany.

You can change the dispatch cycle by informing the GFP Service Team so that delivery can be undertaken before or after your vacation or if appropriate, to change the delivery address on this occasion.


With MyPoints, all preferential customers and distributors of Good Feeling Products have the possibility to cover their requirements for Good Feeling Power® free of charge. MyPoints are loyalty points which can be exchanged for Good Feeling Power®. MyPoints cannot be allocated elsewhere and cannot be paid out. MyPoints are not counted as sales volumes.
When you collect MyPoints you will receive Good Feeling Power® free of charge with your consignment.


  1. You are a preferential customer or distributor with your own Beauty Delivery Service.
  2. You successfully recommend the Beauty Delivery Service to others.
  3. The recommended user of the Beauty Delivery Service is a preferential customer or distributor or becomes a preferential customer of as a direct result of your recommendation.
  4. All services were paid for by the due date (receipt of payment: 1st or 15th day of the respective month).

Yes, the more MyPoints your personal Beauty Delivery Service has, the faster you will be able to enjoy your free products.

For every 100 MyPoints there is a free 30g pack of Good Feeling Power®. There is no limit to how many.
For example:
200 MyPoints = 2 packs
300 MyPoints = 3 packs
Each of the four Beauty Delivery Service packages has a specific number of MyPoints, from 15 to 40 MyPoints. Each active Beauty Delivery Service which comes about as a result of your personal recommendation is taken into account during the respective month of collection.
For example, you successfully recommend 2 “Daily Power Box +” (2 X 20 MyPoints) and one “Basic Skin Care Box” (20 MyPoints) and you purchase the “Beautiful Life Box” (40 MyPoints) yourself. This month therefore, this means 100 MyPoints for you. In the following month you will then receive you a 30g pack Good Feeling Power® free with your delivery.
For as long as you and your recommended customers continue to use this service unchanged you will receive a free 30g pack of Good Feeling Power® every month. If more Beauty Delivery Services are added, you can receive a further 30g pack of Good Feeling Power® in addition. There is no limit on quantities.

At present you can enquire about this from the GFP Service Team and very soon this information will be available to you in your back office.

  • You get the products cheaper.
  • You save time on ordering.
  • You save on dispatch costs.
  • You look good and have a feeling of wellbeing every day.
  • You can receive Good Feeling Power® free.

No, there are no volumes from free products.

No, MyPoints are added together always for the current month of Beauty Delivery Services. And so Good Feeling Power® is free not only once but month for month and year for year unlimited. It simply depends on how many MyPoints are in your boxes and those of your First Line.

No, the system functions only with your own Beauty Delivery Service.

* inclusive of German value added tax.
** with the addition of the currently valid value added tax.
*** per 100 collected MyPoints within one month you receive a 30g pack of Good Feeling Power® gratis. Exactly how the MyPoints system works can be found on this website under “MyPoints”.

The Beauty Delivery Service Special Price Packages