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The excellent Food Supplement!

The excellent Food Supplement Good Feeling Power® is the “secret ingredient” of all GFP products and the reason for its uniqueness and effectiveness. It is the pure GFP Complex: a specially prepared natural composition of 1.3/1.6 Beta-D-Glucan–Chitin–Melanin without additives with its valuable properties.

Content: 30g. Article No.: 1200

I have a dream…

Imagine if Good Feeling Power® were the only one of its kind in the world. A product from research, which can reach the cell and real detox, i.e. detoxification, on the cell and clean this cell.

WOW, what would that mean for every human or animal? What kind of possibilities would exist for the body?

This would mean that with the Good Feeling Power® you would be able to use the perfectly functioning cleaning crew, which really cleans the body and thus has a 100 % high performance. That would mean that the immune system would work perfectly again. The body could be “intelligent” and work perfectly.

What would the body then be able to do again?!

With the Good Feeling Power® the body would be able to detect, e.g. toxins, “bad” bacteria, viruses, free radicals, mutated cells, etc. It would able to respond with its perfect, natural, abilities.

That’s a wonderful idea.

One would have the optimal condition to stay young longer and at the same time fit and healthy everyday while enjoying it. One would have to no longer worry about the body being affected by e.g. toxins, viruses or free radicals. One would always know that one’s own body is now able to keep itself healthy and fit.

What a great thought!

Let’s say it would be affordable for anyone who values it and wants to be able to take such a product and stay healthy and to keep the immune system in top condition. You don’t even have to be sick but may be and remain healthy.

Everyone could afford it, so everyone could be carefree and happy with a live a perfectly functioning body, just as it should be by nature.

You’d have to just tell everyone!

I have a dream…

Assuming everyone who takes the Good Feeling Power® would have the same sensations. No, that could not be possible, because every human being and every animal is a individual and thus has its own history.

Imagine that Good Feeling Power® would support everyone, exactly just the way body and soul want it.

Then everyone would also have different experiences with the Good Feeling Power®.

Some would have to be more patient than others. One would feel more and others less.


Let’s say you would trust the Good Feeling Power® and your body 100% and sometimes give time!

Wow, what would be possible?!

Imagine that everything would be reality, then you could not tell anybody because of all the regulations.

I have a dream…

Cheers! Enjoy every sip of Good Feeling Power

  • Mix 1 teaspoon (1 g) Good Feeling Power® in a glass of still water (150-200 ml) or other liquid and drink it.
  • Take 2-5 times daily over a period of weeks or months.
  • Recommended dosage: 2-5 teaspoons per day.
  • Always make sure of sufficient fluid intake.
  • Good Feeling Power® is ideal for long term consumption.

Attention: A pack of Good Feeling Power® contains 30 g powder. The filling level of the pack conforms to technical specifications. Good Feeling Power® is a pure natural product and therefore the color, consistency and taste may occasionally vary slightly! The filling level of the pack may therefore also vary although the content 30 g is provided. If the filling level is lower, then correspondingly you will need to take less volume of Good Feeling Power® on the spoon for the same amount of powder.

  • Please store away from light sources and humidity.
  • Please do not use the product after the date of expiry.
  • Nutritional supplements are not substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy way of life.
  • Good Feeling Power® is a completely natural product and so it can vary slightly in color, consistency and taste!
  • Good Feeling Power® is not water soluble. It can be used in cooking and baking as it is stable in terms of its thermal and chemical properties. It is also acid-resistant, especially gastric acid.
  • The recommended daily doses should not be exceeded.
  • Keep out of the reach of small children.

The raw material Fomes fomentarius and the finished product Good Feeling Power® are subjected to regular and thorough controls by our in-house science department and the co-operation with renowned partners so that quality is assured at all times.

GFP guarantees and assures the highest quality. The excellent food supplement Good Feeling Power® is

  • without color, aroma or fragrance agents
  • without gluten
  • without preservatives
  • without added sugar
  • without genetiv engineering
  • Made in Germany
  • vegan
  • without fillers

Here you will find further information on Quality Requirements and Production Conditions.
Good Feeling Power® from the Fomes fomentarius is tested and approved by the EU Commission for Health and Consumers. Only GFP has this approval to bring the product Good Feeling Power® from Fomes fomentarius onto the market as a nutritional supplement.

The excellent food supplement Good Feeling Power® predominantly contains the GFP Complex: a specially prepared natural composition of 1.3/1.6-Beta-D-Glucan Chitin Melanin. The main components are closely cross-linked and form a firm, almost indigestible structure in the form of fibers and can be specified and classified as dietary fibers.

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