Power Pancakes for power breakfast!

What’s better than a pancake for breakfast?

Quite simply, the Good Feeling Power Pancakes according to our own GFP recipe! What is special about this recipe is that the pancakes are not only incredibly tasty, but in comparison to normal pancakes, use the healthy sugar substitute coconut blossom sugar. This has a significantly lower glycemic index than conventional sugars. This means, that people who use a diet without white sugar because of health problems such as diabetes, will have no problems with the coconut blossom sugar!

Another great feature of Power Pancakes is that they are wonderfully fluffy and not too rich.

are. The Power Pancakes will become a true delicacy, because the most important of all ingredients is Good Feeling Power®!

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Pancake Rezept, Power Pancakes Zubereitung

The ingredients for the Power Pancakes (for 3-4 people)

The Power Pancakes can also be produced vegan.

The preparation of Power Pancakes

Preparation is quick and easy. At the beginning, the egg yolk must be separated from the egg white. This step can be skipped in the vegan version of the pancake. The egg white is mixed with a whisk. All remaining ingredients, except the Good Feeling Power® and the egg white, can then be placed in a large bowl. Then everything must be stirred vigorously until a nice dough mass is formed. The egg white is then mixed into the dough and the Good Feeling Power®.

Great! The dough for the pancakes is ready. Now simply place the dough in a frying pan with some coconut oil.

Insider tip: Simply add a few fruits of your choice to the pan.

All that remains for us to say is: Enjoy your meal with a clear conscience!

GFP Rezepte, GFP Pancakes, Good Feeling Power Pancakes