Research GFP Complex

Unique feature of Good Feeling Products is

the GFP Complex

Medicinal mushroom tinder fungus Fomes fomentarius

The GFP Complex is ground and cleansed medicinal mushroom, tinder fungus: Its main components are 1.3/1.6 Beta-D-Glucan, Chitin and Melanin.

Greatest purity and efficacy

All Good Feeling Products contain the active GFP Complex produced from the medicinal mushroom, tinder fungus.

Main components







Highest level of purity for


The highest level purity of the GFP Complex is achieved by means of optimum intensive scientific purification steps in conformity with the environment-friendly Green Approach requirements.

The end product is thus as free as possible from any potential allergy-inducing compounds (proteins, fungal spores, fungus dust, thermosensitive polysaccharides and toxins).

Quality assurance

The raw material and the finish product Good Feeling Power® is controlled at a number of stages: by the fungus supplier, by GFP personnel and the GFP laboratory. A regular independent control is also conducted in EU-accredited laboratories. The following criteria are tested.


Sensory / Physical Test

Smell, taste, consistency, appearance, moisture



Amino-acid spectrum, fatty acids, sugar spectrum, fibre, minerals etc.


Residues / Contaminants

Pesticides, radioactivity, mycotoxins, heavy metals


Microbiological controls

Yeast, mildew, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella etc.