The Edelweiss

Leontopodium Alpinum Extract

Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae (Daisy)
Genus: Leontopodium
Type: Leontopodium alpinum (Alpine edelweiss)

The Alpaflor Edelweiss Extract (INCI Leontopodium Alpinum Extract) is made from the edelweiss plant

which grow in a rocky limestone environment at altitudes between 1800 and 3000 meters. The botanical genus name Leontopodium is derived from the Greek words leon for lion and podion for feet, this refers to the characteristic dense felted, white hairiness and to the shape of the leaves.

The elegance of this plant and its special habitat have made it a symbol of love, honour and courage. In former times, men in love took the long way to the heights of the mountains and picked the flower growing on dangerous slopes and rocky outcrops in order to give proof of love to their beloved.

Edelweiß, Edelweiß Blüte, Edelweiß auf weißem Hintergrund, Edelweiß Kosmetik
Edelweiß, Alpen-Edelweiß, Edelweiß Biene, Wild Edelweiß, Leontopodium Alpinum Extract

Edelweiss as a popular remedy

This beautiful plant has always had more than just a symbolic importance. In the Alpine region, it was used as a popular remedy for respiratory diseases.

And its good properties are still used today. The Leontopodium Alpinum Extract from the whole plant contains tannins, flavonoids, phenylpropane and hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives and volatile compounds such as hexenyl acetate, limonene, pinene and coumarin with astringent, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and skin-protecting properties. The plant has an antioxidant effect and binds free radicals.

Products with edelweiss

Wildly growing edelweiss is now under conservation. The plants used for the extract are cultivated on sustainable plantations. At Good Feeling Products, we respect this and therefore work together with selected agricultural economies in order to only use the highest quality plants from sustainable cultivation in our cosmetics. Because only the combination of sustainability and quality meets the high Good Feeling Products standards.

The wonderful properties of the plant develop a completely new effect in combination with our unique selling point, the unique GFP-Complex® in our products. Here are some of our products with the edelweiss extract.

Edelweiß GFP-Komplex®, Alpen-Edelweiß Extrakt, Qualität

Our products with edelweiss